International Women's Day 2021

Alia Beyg

On International Women's Day here's to all of the fabulous female associates, clients and collaborators in the property and construction industry, who have made some spectacular achievements in their careers. Not forgetting the work that needs to be done to make our vital sector more inclusive.

Equity and inclusion vary throughout the construction and property industry.

In construction, the major trade union GMB, reported in 2019 that 12.5% of construction workers were women. (1) In the same year, Building magazine's diversity survey found that BAME individuals make up just 4% of the construction industry. (2)

The statistics are slightly better in the architecture space. According to the equality & diversity survey by the Architects Registration Board 39% of the surveyed UK architects identify as female. While only 11% of UK architects disclosed that they were from an ethnic background. (3)

So, here's to a reflective, productive International Women's Day, in the hope that by this day, next year, these statistics will have moved in the right direction.

By Aara Syed in collaboration with Aqua Architecture.